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Samsung, in cooperation with the EA-acquired game publisher Chillingo, has unveiled a new mobile gaming development program known as 100% Indie. Officially launching on March 4, this app portal aims to aid emerging developers in increasing their exposure to mobile gamers and release their games via Samsung Apps store.

So what’s in it for fledgling developers? As the program name implies, every developer will be acting on their own when it comes to creating apps.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing since Samsung lets them retain every penny earned from sales for six months. After that, the Korean giant collects a 10 percent revenue cut, which gradually grows to 20 percent. By comparison, other platforms such as the Apple App Store take 30 percent of the devs’ revenue from the time the app is available for purchase. Samsung eventually receives the same cut, but not until after two years.

Even though the deal in revenue sharing is quite an attractive offer already, the benefits do not stop there. Developers who sign up also enjoy promotional resources from Samsung, something startups usually cannot afford without risking financial difficulty.  There should also be some tools and information to encourage and motivate the game studios. Perhaps the best of all, the 100% Indie program does not hold exclusive publishing rights, which means the studios can submit their apps to other stores.

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Samsung is not exactly doing this out of sheer generosity; its struggling app store, Samsung Apps, is lagging far behind Apple’s and Google’s own mobile stores. The company hopes that the incentive will add more exciting titles to its existing library of games, which presently lacks enough oomph to divert the users’ attention. As sales of its mobile devices continue to grow, Samsung sees the need to bolster app sales and encourage Samsung device owners to frequent its app ecosystem.

Any interested developer who has not yet signed up may do so via the 100% Indie website. Gamers can also leave their email address to stay informed.

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