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Samsung teases its CES plans -- may focus on wearables and other 'smart' technologies

Samsung has now begun teasing about its plans for CES, which might include demos and announcements that deal with wearables and smart home technology. Keep reading to learn more!
January 2, 2014

CES is almost upon us, with the event officially kicking off on the 7th of January and pre-CES events starting on the 5th. With that in mind, Samsung already announced earlier today that they would be showing off the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 at CES, and now the official Samsung Tomorrow blog further indicates that this could just be the icing on the cake.

Although the blog post doesn’t mention any of Samsung’s plans directly, it does drop a pretty big hint suggesting that Samsung could have a few surprises for us when it comes to smart home automation and, more importantly, wearables.

Three months ago at IFA 2013, Samsung’s latest wearable device, Galaxy Gear, was unveiled. Also, Samsung’s smart home, a home consisted of smart products that allow users to control with their smart phones via apps, was demonstrated as a concept in Berlin. The wearable device market is on the rise and the concept of ‘smart home’ has started to gain ground. Hence, at this CES, maybe we can expect some innovative products that we had imagined to use in the future.

Does this mean that we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 at CES? It’s really hard to say. Considering Samsung just released the original Gear late last year, it seems pretty early to be turning around and announcing the sequel. That said, LG is rumored to be gearing up for its own wearable announcements at CES and so Samsung might be looking to beat LG to the punch.

It’s also possible that we might just get some news about software updates and enhancements to the Galaxy Gear, and perhaps we might even learn a little more about the rumored Galaxy Band health wristband.

Honestly all we can really do for now is speculate, but luckily we don’t have to wait much before we hopefully learn more. What do you think, would it make sense for Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 at CES?