It seems Samsung is a lot more focused on services and software with its latest devices. The company gave some of its Galaxy S3 customers 50GB of Dropbox storage, with access for 2 years – presumably you’ll have to buy another Galaxy device to continue using 50GB or more after the 2-year period expires, depending on the promotion for that future Galaxy S device.

Now, Samsung decided that 50GB of free storage from Dropbox was not enough, and it has partnered with Dropbox’s competitor SugarSync to bring an extra 5GB of cloud-based storage to its Galaxy S3 customers. At first glance, that doesn’t seem to make any sense. Why would Samsung offer just 5GB more from another competitor? But the SugarSync storage bonus is meant to be more than just raw online storage, and it’s supposed to be integrated into Galaxy S3’s AllShare Play feature that allows users to sync their media files between their Smart TV, desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Another difference between the Dropbox storage and SugarSync’s offer is that Samsung made a deal with the latter to have its cloud storage solution work on a lot more devices than just the Galaxy S3. The 5GB of free SugarSync storage will come to all Samsung devices that have the AllShare Play/DLNA feature.

Samsung has been pushing DLNA and AllShare Play for quite a while, ever since the original Galaxy S actually. So if you want to be future-proofed and to take advantage of Samsung’s unique features, you’ll need to make sure you’re buying a device that has a DLNA connection.