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Samsung looking to expand biometric security, iris scanners could be next

Speaking at an investor forum in Hong Kong, Samsung has outlined its vision for the future of biometric sensors and mobile security.
May 19, 2014

Speaking at an investor forum in Hong Kong, Samsung has been discussing how it sees the future of its Knox security platform and its plans for future biometric security features in smartphones.

Although fingerprint scanning technology has only just made its way into the company’s flagship Galaxy S5, Samsung is already looking into the development of new biometric security technologies. One area which appears particularly appealing to Samsung is iris detection, the company has already filed a patent for a smartphone iris sensor. As you would expect, this technology would appear in high-end smartphones first.

As well as expanding its new and existing technologies into new flagship handsets, Samsung is also aiming to incorporate its biometric sensors into future low-end models. Although no details were given about Samsung’s future plans in this regard, Samsung is looking to reach a wider number of clients through a wider distribution system. This suggests that Samsung is considering rolling out its biometric sensors in a larger number of devices.

“We’re looking at various types of biometric [mechanisms] and one of things that everybody is looking at is iris detection,” Samsung’s senior vice president, Rhee In-jong

Whether or not any of this will really appeal to mainstream consumers remains to be seen, as Samsung’s Knox software is primarily aimed at corporate clients. Rhee stated that although there are around 87 million device that come with Knox, only about 1.8 million of those are actively using the system. Most of this activity comes from banks, healthcare, and financial companies. Rhee declined to comment on how many paying Knox customers Samsung has on the books so far.

Would you like to see iris based biometric security in your next smartphone? Are security features important to you?