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In a report released by Gartner last month, Nokia was trailing Samsung in the overall worldwide mobile phone sales chart in 2012, a testament to the former’s sales power – particularly for “dumb” phones – in emerging markets.

But Nokia will want to heed the finding of the latest “Mobile Trends” survey from marketing firm Upstream, which shows that Samsung is beginning to flex its mobile muscle in several key markets in the developing world.

If price weren’t an issue – 32% of those surveyed in Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria said that they’d prefer to purchase a handset from Samsung, while Nokia came in second at 22%. Apple and BlackBerry were third and fourth with 21% and 10%, respectively.


Curiously, looking at the individual numbers from each country, Samsung didn’t register at all in the minds of prospective buyers in Nigeria. Nokia was the most preferred brand with 37%, followed by BlackBerry (21%) and Apple (15%).

According to Upstream CEO and founder Marco Veremis, it’s likely that those in Nigeria prefer devices that give them easy access to social networks and the web. And in a market where a steady power supply is still an issue, having a handset with a long battery life – something that’s traditionally associated with Nokia’s offerings – is more preferred.

It’s worth noting that Samsung was the most desired brand in the rest of the surveyed markets.

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