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Samsung ATIV Q dual-booting Android/Windows 8 convertible tablet canceled?

New reports, but also Samsung's website, seem to indicate that the ATIV Q may have been canceled. Patent-related issues have been cited for this potential cancelation.
August 23, 2013
Samsung ATIV Q

Samsung’s first dual-booting Android/Windows 8 laptop/tablet combo that was unveiled in June during a special London-based event may already be canceled, some reports say – interestingly, the device appears to have been removed from Samsung’s website.

South Korean publication Naver has it from sources familiar with the matter that Samsung has ran into some patent-related issues with the ATIV Q, which may be the reason why the device may be canceled.

Nothing is official at this time from Samsung, and it’s not clear what patents may prevent the launch of the ATIV Q, but it appears that existing pre-orders that have already been taken by retailers will not be honored.

Furthermore, when looking for the product on Samsung’s website, we weren’t able to locate it other than in press materials released on June 20. The ATIV Q product page for Samsung’s UK page ( redirects to the ATIV Book 9.

In late July, we received a tip telling us the ATIV Q may have been removed from Samsung’s online site. When investigating it, we discovered that the convertible tablet was indeed missing in certain places where it would have been expected to come up (including press materials), but it all appeared to be a glitch in the system as later that day we were able to find the device online.

This time around, the ATIV Q is gone for good, not counting the press releases posted on Samsung’s website (see Via links below).

That said, we can only wait and see how this one will play out, as there’s still no official word from Samsung regarding the ATIV Q’s launch or demise. However, the fact that the ATIV Q can be found on the company’s website is not very reassuring.

Has anyone had a chance to pre-order the ATIV Q? What’s your order status?