Getting a smartphone waterlogged is the quickest way to get it thrown into the trashcan – which is par for the course for most electronics. Unfortunately, it is sometimes hard to avoid the dreaded element when your device is supposed to go with you everywhere. Don’t worry though, Samsung and Apple are on the case.

Well, technically not Apple and Samsung. Recently, a little-known company by the name of Liquipel developed a way to stop devices from getting wet. A while back, they released a video of an iPhone 4S being dipped in water – and coming out unharmed and functional. They claim that their water-repellent formula – applied at the cost of 59 dollars – was the cause. Well, another company seems to be on the same track and they’re already in talks with Apple and Samsung.

HzO, which have designed a similar water-repellent formula which they call WaterBlock, seems to have stolen a march on Liquipel and went directly at the source – the manufacturers. Early reports from their meeting with Apple and Samsung execs are positive, with Samsung’s Chairman being very impressed with their demonstration.

With glowing praise like that, we may soon be seeing WaterBlock being applied during the manufacturing process itself. This will be a godsend for many a smartphone user – not just the clumsy ones. Insurance is a big part of a smartphone’s price tag. An unintentional spill or a moment’s forgetfulness usually ends up with someone’s wallet becoming lighter. With these two products, expect to see smartphone devices that people can be a lot more cavalier about around water.


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