One great side effect of the Apple vs Samsung trial is that all sorts of juicy details and secrets are revealed. Exact sales figures for all the different models can be difficult to come by, but yesterday we got a look at the U.S. sales figures for Samsung and Apple. You’ll never guess what Samsung’s top selling phone was. Go on, have a guess.

If you somehow managed to divine the answer as the Samsung Galaxy Prevail carried by Boost Mobile, then give yourself a pat on the back. This budget Android smartphone topped the chart, but that’s because of Samsung’s habit of offering slightly different versions of the same phone on different carriers under different names. If we add the figures together we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S II, in all its many guises, was the real star of the last couple of years for Samsung.

Total U.S. smartphone sales for Samsung from June 2010 until June 2012 totaled over 21 million. Sadly enough, Samsung’s tablet sales haven’t been as impressive. Total sales of all the Galaxy Tab range come in at under 1.5 million units.

Apple sales

For the iPhone, we have figures for U.S. sales dating back to the original iPhone release in 2007. From the release until June this year they sold over 85 million iPhones. If we just look at the results from 2010 Q2 up until 2012 Q2, so as to compare directly, then Apple’s smartphone sales were over 62 million compared to Samsung’s 21 million.

The dominance is more marked in the tablet market, as you might expect. Apple has sold over 34 million iPads since the first version was released up until June this year.