Last month Samsung was slated to sit down with Apple to possibly reach a settlement in an ongoing patent dispute, but it seems they weren’t able to come to an agreement.

Samsung CEO JK Shin reportedly met with Apple CEO Tim Cook in the U.S. last week, but the two executives couldn’t come to any sort of agreement. A Samsung spokesperson told ZDNet Korea that “we can’t confirm whether the two CEO met, or if they did, what the results were,” which is the very definition of a non-answer.

The court gave Samsung and Apple until February 19 to reach an agreement out of court, which gives the companies another five days to find common ground. If that doesn’t happen, the court will hand down its final decision on the patent case.

The initial ruling would see Samsung pay Apple $930 million for patent infringement. That may change with the court’s final ruling, however. It’s hard to imagine the payment having a huge impact on Samsung unless it’s increased.

Do you think Samsung should have tried harder to reach an agreement with Apple? Is it even possible for the two companies to agree on anything?