We are all familiar with Apple’s and Samsung’s legal battles. Today, some new progress emerges as both companies have been granted permission to include new products produced by the other party in their respective patent-based cases.

A newly released statement confirms that Samsung can include the iPhone 5 in its list of allegedly infringing Apple products. Conversely, Apple has now been given permission to include in its patent case against Samsung all versions of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Galaxy Nexus devices in addition to the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy S 3.

While this isn’t exactly surprising, seeing as both companies have been pushing for new products to be included in the upcoming trial, it is absolutely going to make the entire court case much more interesting.

Just to be clear, this battle has been going on since February, and is a completely different case from the case that was won by Apple back in August. While it is unclear if this case will ever end up going to trial, the inclusion of these new products certainly suggests that neither company is willing to compromise.

Brendan Lynch
Brendan has been a technology writer for several publications and has published articles on several platforms. His true love is Android however. When he's not writing, he's busy working towards his Music Performance degree and using Android every step of the way!