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Prepare the popcorn - Samsung-Apple talks hit a dead-end, trial to start in July

May 24, 2012

If months of negotiations couldn’t do the trick, it’s rather a far fetched hope to think that the legal tussle between Apple and Samsung can be resolved in two days.

So it’s not really surprising to see that the mediation talks between the two tech giants, ordered by the court, have failed to bring an agreement. As reported by the Korea Times, a Samsung official said that the two competing execs couldn’t sort out their legal differences in an amicable way.

Despite the ongoing saga of suing and countersuing, Samsung and Apple are very much in a love-hate relationship. On one side, we have Apple accusing Samsung of copying its design for many of its products, mainly the Galaxy S line of smartphones, as well as other patent infringements. Samsung then responded to the allegations by claiming that Apple has violated Samsung’s patents on wireless 3G standards and demanding some royalty payments in return.

Yet, Apple remains one of Samsung’s biggest clients of the last couple of years. The Korean have been steadily providing various vital components for Apple’s products, and there’s no end in sight to this mutually lucrative relationship.

Before leaving for the two-days meeting, Samsung mobile division chief Shin Jong-kyun commented that his company is looking to settle the differences with Apple by putting a cross licensing option on the table – something that Samsung has never considered before. In turn, Tim Cook said Apple would be more than willing to settle the dispute out of court if Samsung would provide assurance that the “copying” would stop and if Apple received a fair compensation for Samsung’s past indiscretions.

Alas, the nine hours talk session on Monday between the two giants, which was followed by a seven hours meeting the next day, didn’t end well. This means the legal battle will continue in court, with the first trial set to start on July 30. I’m preparing the popcorn already!