iPhone 5 versus Galaxy S3

comScore on Friday released a new study that takes a look at the U.S. mobile landscape revealing that Samsung and Apple are the top handset makers in the region.

The company analyzed mobile data for the three-month period ending in October 2012 and surveyed over 30,000 American mobile subscribers in the process.

The research reveals that Samsung is still the top handset maker in the U.S. with 26.3% market share (0.7% increase since July 2012) followed by Apple with 17.8% (1.5% increase), LG with 17.6% (0.8% decrease), Motorola with 11% (0.2 decrease) and HTC with 6% (0.4% decrease).

comScore reports that 121.3 million people now own smartphones in the U.S., a 6% increase compared with July numbers. When it comes to smartphone platform, Google is still king of the hill with 53.6% market share (1.4% increase), followed by Apple with 34.3% (0.9% increase), RIM, Microsoft and Symbian with less than 15% combined.

The study also looked into what people do with their mobile devices and found that 75.9% subscribers used text messages (0.3% increase), 54.5% used downloaded apps (1.9% increase), 52.7% Internet browsing (1.5% increase), 37.9% accessed social networks or blogs (1.5% increase), 33.8% played games (0.3% increase) and 28.3% listened to music (0.4% increase).

What kind of smartphone do you currently own?