samsung battery

Samsung, South Korea’s largest industrial conglomerate, is supplying many crucial components that go into Apple’s insanely popular devices, including displays, processors, and memory modules. If you’ve been following us over the past few weeks, you might know that the once rosy relationship between the two industry titans is slowly turning sour.

Apple is trying to give up its Samsung addiction, by looking for other suppliers for processors, displays, and other components. Now, news broke that Samsung will no longer sell batteries for tablets and laptops to Apple, and that the American company has switched to two Chinese manufacturers for future battery orders.

It’s not clear from the original news report if it was Samsung or Apple that initiated the break up. Given the contentious nature of the legal and commercial relationship between the two, either option it’s possible. All we know is that Samsung and Apple are drifting apart at increasing speed, and, in a year or so, their collaboration might be history.

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