After a timid and hesitant start to Jelly Bean updates, Samsung has changed its approach altogether in the past couple of weeks, stepping up to the plate like never before. Rivers of JB butter are flowing left and right, hitting numerous versions of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, GNote 10.1 and even Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Other devices, new and old, are waiting just around the corner, but before the likes of the Galaxy S2 can join in on the fun, Sammy is looking to tie up some loose ends. One such loose end was the Wi-Fi only model of the Note 10.1 (aka GT-N8010), who’s now getting the bump to Android 4.1.

The tab’s 3G-enabled sibling got the update a couple of weeks back, so it was only natural to expect something like this to happen sooner or later. As usual, the upgrade is coming out in waves, with the first one reaching Germany hours ago.

No info on other countries getting a taste of Jelly Bean just yet, but based on recent history folks from Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden or Norway should be ready to do their own celebratory dances in a matter of hours.

Note 10.1

There are the already traditional two ways you can perform the upgrade, either OTA (over-the-air) or by using Samsung’s Kies software. The former is definitely the easiest to employ, but it requires the kind of patience and self-preservation I know you’re not capable of producing right now.

If however none of these two upgrading methods can return a favorable outcome, you’ll have nothing to do but find your inner Buddha and wait it out.

According to reports, the Jelly Bean pack hitting the GT-N8010 weighs in at 300 MB, which is more or less the standard size for such an update. That means you should get the usual set of tweaks, performance enhancements and speed bumps, but also some special ones included in the new Premium Suite.

The build number is N8010XXBLK9, but that can vary depending on your region and time of update. Now, is there anyone out there who’s already taken the leap to Android 4.1? If so, please state your name, location and occupation for the record. If not, feel free to voice your excitement and/or frustration below. Ready, set, go!