Though Samsung is hard at work on Jelly Bean upgrades for several phones and tablets, people still waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich should not give up all hope. On the contrary, as we’re now hearing about a second version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 getting the software bump, just a week after the Wi-Fi only model.

The 3G-enabled 8.9-incher (model number GT-P7300) is reportedly being upgraded in Austria for now, but we have reasons to think other countries will follow suite soon. The tasty new ICS package should come to you in an OTA (over-the-air) wrap, but it should also be possible to update through Samsung Kies.

As usual, we recommend patience for those of you that will decide to wait for the upgrade and caution for the ones trying their luck with unofficial builds. As for the post-ICS era, we very much doubt the Galaxy Tab 8.9 will get Jelly Bean anytime soon, so chances are you’ll remain at least one or two steps behind the times for a while. Then again, Ice Cream Sandwich is still way better than Honeycomb, isn’t it?