Apple Inc .and Samsung Electronics Co. have been waging a war against each other, trying to prove which one can provide 100 percent customer satisfaction in Seoul, Korea. But with the fast growing market of Apple’s iPhone, it won’t be long until the company will beat Samsung over its Asian customers.

The two firms have been battling over the claim of being the best provider and manufacturer of tablets and smartphone since April of this year. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple has proven yet again its superiority by successfully blocking Samsung phones and tablets in other countries such as Netherlands and Germany. Aside from conquering Europe, Apple has also caused an indefinite delay in the launching of new Galaxy tablets in Australia.

Big competitors

Galaxy gadgets powered by the Android operating system, is currently one of the biggest competitions of the iPad in the market. However, the company will certainly lose much of its profits if it continues to take passive steps just to maintain Korea as its biggest market.

Apple and Samsung gadgets are in the race for the top spot in today’s smartphone market. After decades of being the market leader, Nokia is finally being overshadowed by other brands.

Apple is considering Samsung as a threat to its success. Since the company’s smartphone sales has rapidly increased to as much as 500 percent this year, Apple took the desperate move of suing its competitor in a California court last April. Until now, there are more than 20 cases on technology design and patents unsettled between the two rival companies.

Via The Baltimore Sun