AMOLED is a great technology that I personally appreciate, even if it has some drawbacks that make it unappealing to color purists.

The technology is wildly popular on the smartphone market, mainly thanks to Samsung’s efforts, but it failed to really catch on for tablets displays. That might change though, according to a recent report from Oled-Info.

According to an unnamed “industry insider”, Samsung is considering an investment in a 6.5G factory that would produce medium size panels OLED for tablets and laptops. Currently, the electronics giant has production lines for small-sized panels like the ones fitted on the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2, and also for large panels, which are installed on Sammy’s newly unveiled OLED HDTVs.

Samsung officials are reported to be mulling focusing on the middle segment, after the markets shown signs of openness towards AMOLED. So far, the company only produced one tablet featuring an AMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab 7.7. If this report is to be believed, we might see AMOLED displays on tablets of all sizes, laptops, and Chromebooks, as soon as this year.

Oled-Info notes that Samsung hasn’t made the final decision, and, even if the company decides to double down on mid-sized AMOLED displays this year, it might not be until 2014 that we see a wave of devices sporting them.

Are you excited about this report? Do you wish to see more tablets with AMOLED displays?

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