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Samsung, Amazon, and Apple are becoming household names according to Interbrand

When we think household names, it is usually something like Band Aid or McDonald's. Well, according to Interbrand, mobile technology has risen to the same stature as some names that we've known and trusted for decades. Has mobile technology companies finally earned their name among household brands?
October 5, 2012
There are some names that everyone just knows. Band Aids, Coca Cola, Pepsi, General Electric, Disney, and others that we have known practically our entire lives. They are household names and they are companies that we’ve known about for decades. There is a company out there that rates household names on their value called Interbrand.

Essentially, Interbrand rates companies based on a number of factors. Of course, the heaviest qualifier is how much money they make which really shouldn’t surprise anyone. Every year, they come out with a top 100 brand name list. Most of them are household names we’ve known about our entire lifetimes. It appears that this year, some of our favorite smartphone and tablet OEMs have made the list in pretty high places.

Samsung has taken the ninth overall, overtaking such popular brands as Toyota, Pepsi, and Disney. Amazon hit the top 20 for the first time, ousting Honda. Unfortunately, the big name that lept up is Apple. Apple took second place after finishing eighth last year. They’ve passed Google, McDonald’s, IMB, GE, and Microsoft in the process.

So Interbrand says mobile technology companies are becoming household names?

All of these companies do more than just sell mobile technology. Apple sells overpriced computers as well as overpriced phones. Amazon runs a big giant website along with their Kindle Fire sales. Google doesn’t even sell mobile phones. Samsung sells everything from mobile phones to dishwashers. So one thing these companies all have in common is they are multifaceted. A housewife may own an iPhone but use a Samsung vacuum cleaner. So the short answer is yes, they are becoming household names. The long answer is a bit more complicated.

There are also mobile companies that took a hit. Nokia fell from 14th to 19th, Microsoft went from 3rd to 5th, and poor Blackberry dropped from 56th to 93rd. So not all mobile tech brands had a great year in the eyes of Interbrand. It makes sense, though. When was the last time your family had a nice long talk about Blackberry? Interbrand says it has been awhile.

Despite the mobile tech companies gaining and falling, the overall message is clear. Mobile tech brands are the fastest rising genre out of all brand names. Interbrand states that of the top five highest risers, three of them are mobile companies. Additionally, Interbrand states that out of the top ten, five are from the technology sector.

Mobile technology has more clout in the world market than ever before. Smart phone brands are now in the same class as our favorite beverage and fast food companies. Also, congrats to Facebook for actually making the list this year.

Is mobile technology going to eventually surpass our favorite brand names entirely? Let us know your thoughts. If you’d like to check out Interbrand’s full report, you can find it here.