Those who need a trusty power pack sidekick for their smartphone have probably lusted over Samsung’s super high-capacity external battery that we gleefully reported about a month ago. While we had no details of its pricing and release date at the time, the compact-sized gizmo has now made its way to Amazon Germany.

If you got €80 lying about in the house, you can already purchase the Samsung-made battery pack on said online retailer. The description says that it’s made for the Galaxy Note 2, but we see no reason why it won’t work on other recent Samsung devices.

The package comes with 30-pin and micro-USB data cables. As for the device itself, it has four LED indicators, a regular USB port, and a microUSB port. Lest we forget that it’s packing a humongous battery capacity of 9,000mAh to feed your hungry-power smartphones and tablets.

Guess we should also mention that it won’t be ready to ship right away, and may take between one to four months. At least, that’s what the listing says. If you don’t mind the rather long wait, you know where to click.

Bams Sadewo
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