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Once unattainable, the full HD AMOLED display barrier has been broken by the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you’re wondering when the technology will make its way to Android tablets, it looks like we’ll be seeing at least one tab from Samsung that will sport the extra high resolution AMOLED panel this year.

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An unconfirmed report last week hinted that Samsung was considering releasing a 10.1- or 11.6-inch full HD AMOLED tablet, but the electronics giant reportedly has changed its mind. According to a Sam Mobile tipster, we can expect to see a new 8-inch slate instead, one that will boast an AMOLED display with a 1,900 x 1,200 resolution.

The tablet might be unveiled at the IFA 2013, which will be held in Berlin in September. It’s likely that we’ll see the Galaxy Note 3 there as well. After all, the Note 2 was launched at the same trade show last year.

While this sounds exciting, it’s best to take the latest report with a heap of salt, at least until we hear it directly from Sammy. Do you think the rumored 8-incher will end up becoming the sequel to the Galaxy Note 8.0?

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