Leaving all the courtroom drama to one side this has been a good year for Samsung. The company took the lead as the world’s top smartphone manufacturer and it is not letting go. Back in Q1 of 2012 Samsung sold 42.2 million units. Now analysts from investment bank UBS are predicting sales of 61.5 million units in Q4. That figure will be driven by stellar sales of the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

In Q3 Samsung sold around 55 million smartphones, and that included 18 million Galaxy S3 units. In fact the Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone in Q3. UBS analysts predict a hefty jump again to over 60 million in Q4 and even suggest that the figure could go as high as 63 million. That’s partly because the Galaxy S3 is still selling well, but also because of the Galaxy Note 2 which has shipped 3 million units in its first five weeks on sale.

Just like its predecessor the success of the Galaxy Note 2 has been something of a surprise and UBS upgraded its forecast from an expected 5 million sales in Q4 to 7 million. Analysts are also suggesting that the expected downturn in demand for the Galaxy S3 that they thought we would see when the iPhone 5 hit the market has not occurred. They expect sales of 15 million S3 units in Q4.

It looks like Samsung will be hanging on to that top spot for some time to come. We’re already seeing rumors about the Galaxy S4, and you can bet Samsung won’t be resting on its laurels.

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