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Samsung says they've now manufactured over 300 million AMOLED panels

Samsung has just announced that they've made over 300 million AMOLED panels, with the last 100 million taking them just seven months to manufacture.
January 27, 2013

January 2007 is a month that no one in the mobile industry will ever forget. It’s the month that Apple unveiled the long rumored iPhone to the world, but it’s also the month that Samsung began manufacturing AMOLED panels. Today the South Korean handset vendor and component maker is announcing that they’ve shipped over 300 million of said panels. The first 100 million took nearly half a decade to make. The second 100 million took roughly 11 months. And this latest batch of 100 million, it took them just seven months. That should give you an indicator as to how fast the technology is advancing.

Now some of you are AMOLED haters. Yes, the colors are somewhat oversaturated. The whites are not pure white. And the power consumption varies significantly depending on what’s being displayed on the screen. But that still doesn’t change the fact that Samsung uses AMOLED as one of their key differentiators for their high end products. The first, second, and third Galaxy S all shipped with AMOLED screens. The same can be said about the first and second Note.

There was once a time when HTC used AMOLED panels that were made by Samsung, but then Samsung quickly realized that they should keep their latest screen technology to themselves. Speaking about the latest and greatest, what’s next for Samsung? We’re all waiting to hear about the fourth generation Galaxy S. We know for a fact that it’s going to have a 4.99 inch 1080p screen. The folks at AnandTech even have a photo of that particular panel. What we don’t know is how will Samsung arrange the subpixels. Are they going to stick to PenTile? Are they going to switch to whatever makes the second generation Note special? Do they have something completely different we’ve yet to hear about?

We’ll find out more during the first half of 2013. Brace yourselves!