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Samsung preparing an improved version of the Note 2 with flexible display?

September 11, 2012

Shortly before the Galaxy Note 2 was released, rumors were rampant that the device might feature a flexible AMOLED display. With Samsung continuing to state that it intends to begin mass producing these displays, is it possible that we will see a flexible display on an improved version of the Note 2?

In 2011, Samsung wowed CES audiences with demonstrations of a flexible AMOLED display. The impressive technology lead some to believe that it wouldn’t be long until we began to see it put to use in Samsung’s mobile devices. So far, that has yet to happen, but recent clues hint that we may finally begin to see phones using the flexible display, just maybe not in the way we thought.

A report from MK News claims that Samsung needs only to select the supplier for materials and will then be ready to start manufacturing its flexible AMOLED technology. The report goes on to claim that a 5.5 inch panel using this technology will be put to use in an improved Galaxy Note 2. Note that this is not the first time that we have heard that Samsung intended to use its new technology in the Galaxy Note 2, so it is entirely possible that this is just a retread of those same rumors from earlier this year.

If we do see an updated Galaxy Note 2, this still doesn’t mean that  you will be able to bend the device around your wrist. It is far more likely that the intended use for the new screen would be to make room for a larger battery or other extra components, due to it being thinner than the screen in the current version of the Note 2. This is bolstered by recent claims from Samsung that it hopes to begin mass production of truly flexible displays by 2014.