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Samo Coloring for Kids: Ad-free coloring book for kids and children

July 24, 2012

The Google Play Store doesn’t only make room for apps for grownups but also has a selection of apps for children who are starting to figure out what they can do with their little hands.

Letting small children get their hands on coloring materials could turn your walls and furniture into a coloring book disaster. Instead, try an alternative way to develop your child’s artistic side with Samo Coloring for Kids. It’s a simple and intuitive coloring application designed to immerse your child in the world of colors without the danger of accidental purchases common in many other apps.

Developed and released by Martin Adamek, Samo Coloring for Kids gained millions of downloads due to its high quality and value, which both children and parents loved.

Describing this app in one word zeros in on the word “simple.” It can be easily understood and used by small children, allowing them to learn it fast. An ad-free and popup-free interface also lessens confusion and interference, letting your child concentrate on what he or she is supposed to do, which also means more room for creativity to flourish.

It comes with 3 free sets of professional illustrations, 27 all in all, which provide various illustrations of shapes, animals, and numbers. More items are being added regularly to give your child more things to color. These illustrations are designed to be fun looking and very attractive to children’s eyes, allowing the app to easily gain the child’s interest.

Judging from the user-friendliness of the app’s interface, there’s no doubt that a small child can easily learn it. To start some coloring action, you first have to choose between two coloring modes, Fill and Draw.

Fill mode lets you color a portion of the drawing with a simple tap, while Draw mode only colors the areas touched by the fingers. To zoom in on a particular area of an illustration (it’s the number 1 in this example), you just have to tap it.

Illustrations also have two kinds, those with borders and those without any. Color palettes are provided in large portions below to allow easy tapping and browsing through different colors with a simple left/right swipe gesture. It’s also possible to undo/redo actions and, most importantly, save your child’s masterpiece to the gallery.

Samo Coloring for kids is a great way to fire up your child’s creativity, keeping everything simple with large identifiable touch areas when coloring, beautiful illustrations, and a fun and simple interface, not to mention that mom and dad won’t be worried about baby spending some bucks while using the app.

Let your child try Samo Coloring for Kids by downloading it from the Google Play Store today.