We are only eight short days away from the Samsung Unpacked event in London, at which Sammy’s future flagship smartphone should be introduced to the public, and, as expected, details about the device are gradually surfacing.

The latest piece of information to be “leaked” comes directly from Samsung and, while it’s far from being an officially confirmed detail, seems very likely to become reality. I’m talking about the handheld’s name, which we all suspected would be the Galaxy S3. Well, if we are to take for granted a apparent “slip” on Google Play, it seems that the phone will indeed be called the Galaxy S3.

The “galaxy s3” words appear in the description of Samsung’s Unpacked 2012 Android app, which will allow you to stream the London event on May 3. Sure, we have no way to know if the “s3” tag is, in fact, an unintentional slip, a spelling error, or a clever way to make us go down the wrong road.

The Galaxy S3, the Next Galaxy, the Galaxy Plus, the Galaxy HD, or whatever it will be called, is coming, folks, and we should get ready for a wild ride!