Google Play Store games sale

Google just pushed out notification of an app sale in the Google Play Store. The sale will get you up to 85% off some games, and marks the return of something we haven’t seen in a long time, apps for less that 99 cents.

Here is a short list of games in the sale, in no particular order:

I went overboard there, and sadly, that is almost half of the list. Be sure to hit the promotions page to see the rest.

They are also celebrating Comic-Con with a collection of movies based on comic books. You’ll find many titles from all of your favorite universes. Iron Man and The Avengers can be rented for $2.99, as can the collection of Wolverine… sorry, I meant X-Men movies. Get your fix for all of your aliens, robots, vampires, superheros and Tom Hanks.

Google Play Store Comic Movies

It looks like the sale is not just for games, head over to the Newsstand to get up to 50% off annual subscriptions for a good selection of magazines.

It is almost a given that most of us will be grabbing Assassin’s Creed Pirates for a dime, what other games will you be picking up from this promotion?

[Update: it appears the sale is dependent on your region, possibly US only. Sorry guys. Thanks Jean-Christophe Blachere.]

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