Sagem Puma

Sagem Puma

It would seem as though the French company Sagem are turning to Android for their latest Puma phone offering. According to reports, the company’s executive VP has confirmed that Sagem are looking to release an entry level version of the Puma phone and Android is a hot possibility for the choice of OS.

However, even if Sagem does go Android, in all likelihood the device will get the full skinning treatment. After all, it is a Puma device. It has to have a Puma sports feel, right? Also, expect software enhancements too, by the way of sports news apps and easy access to the Puma online store to buy new gear.

If you are interested in sporty things and like your technology to come branded to the high heavens, then check out the (rather excellent) hands on gallery and extra information over at Slashgear.

[Via Slashgear]

James Tromans
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