Some places are relatively safe, while others are just unsafe. No such thing as a perfectly safe place exists, because danger–life-threatening or not–lurks everywhere in the form of acts of nature or acts of human doing. What do you do when you are in danger?

The most immediate response of most people is to panic and to call for help. With Android smartphones and other “smart” mobile devices these days, you can skip the panic part and summon the help you need with MobileTREC’s family of next-generation 911 mobile applications: SafeKidZone and SafeTREC.

With a Panic Button enabled on Android smartphones equipped with SafeKidZone or SafeTREC, one can instantly send distress signals to a self-chosen set of contacts (Safety Network).

Press the Panic Button to Stop Panicking

Here’s how MobileTREC’s solution works:

During an emergency, all you need to do is activate MobileTREC’s application and press the Panic Button. Doing so will set off a chain of events intended to help you in your emergency.

Screenshot of SafeTREC's Panic Button on an Android smartphone

  1. After the Panic Button is pressed, the app sends out alerts and messages containing your GPS location and Emergency Safety Profile to your Safety Networks and the MobileTREC Response Call Center. The app provides updated data of your GPS location, together with vital data (e.g., blood type, allergies, and recent pictures) on your Emergency Safety Profile.
  2. Your Safety Network–that is, the people you trust such as family members and friends–and Response Call Center operators then receive the information. The Response Call Center initiates a live conference call with your Safety Network for rapid resolution of your emergency.
  3. When further assistance is needed, the Response Call Center relays your concern and information to the nearest 911 emergency services dispatcher–within just a few seconds.

Danger is lurking around the corner, but you could do something to prevent it from happening. While MobileTREC’s Panic Button comes in handy in actual danger situations, the MobileTREC apps also provide features that help you stay clear of danger.

Essential Features

The Panic Button is the main feature of MobileTREC’s safety apps, but it actually works in synergy with the other following features built into the system:

  • Safety Network — Friends and family that you can turn to for help in case of emergency. Contacts listed in your Safety Network are immediately alerted when you press the Panic Button.
  • Response Call Center — Connects you to your Safety Network contacts via live conference call. Can forward help requests to the nearest 911 responder, if needed. Works around the clock.
  • GPS Location — Helps your Safety Network, the Response Call Center, and 911 responders pinpoint where you are exactly located and whether you are on the move. Precise determination of location can help lessen the time it takes for help to arrive.
  • Emergency Safety Profile — Vital information about you (e.g., photo, physical description, blood type, medical concerns, current location, etc.) that can help your Safety Network and 911 responders provide appropriate assistance.

  • Threat Level / Threat Alert — A preventive solution using MobileTREC’s Danger Formula, which assesses whether a location is safe or not.
  • Danger Zones — Works in conjunction with Threat Level / Threat Alert in pinpointing areas marked as dangerous.
  • Crime Level and Sex Offender Map — Displays locations of sex offenders and crime information on a map.
  • Audio Video Recording — Automatic recording and transmission of audio-video data begins once the Panic Button is pressed. The audio-video recording is stored on MobileTREC’s secure servers and can be used as evidence of the event.
  • Safe Neighbors Program — Alerts your next-door neighbors to your call for help. Also allows you to share information about known danger areas with your next-door neighbors.
  • Online Neighborhood Watch — A community-driven, social networking avenue for residents of the same neighborhood or city to discuss and share information about safety within the locality.

Peace of Mind and Personal Safety

George Corbin, chief of Wylie, Texas Fire Department (Wylie Fire-Rescue), notes from his personal experience that “the most vulnerable populations are the very young and the very old” who, he says, often “just need a little assistance, guidance, or reassurance, and don’t need to call 9-1-1.”

“Parents and caretakers also need to know everything is okay with those they are responsible for…[The MobileTREC system] provides that, and can extend independent living for the elderly, or monitored freedom for the young while they are in that awkward time between childhood and adulthood,” Corbin adds.

Wylie Fire-Rescue is one of the agencies considering the MobileTREC solution for its employees since the MobileTREC system can “give [the Wylie Fire-Rescue] employees great peace of mind for their spouses and children while they are away and not able to watch over their families first-hand.”

Morgan Hertel, director of California-based Mace Central Station, sums up the MobileTREC solution: “With the MobileTREC application, when you bring the central station online, the operator knows immediately who you are, where you are, what you look like, what you drive, who your family contacts are. And that operator knows what agency is appropriate to your location to get you the quickest help.”

MobileTREC CEO Don Ferguson, however, describes SafeKidZone and SafeTREC essential functionality in the most concise way: “Where are you and do you need help?”

Where Are the Apps?

Free versions of the SafeKidZone and SafeTREC safety apps for Android are available on the Android Market.


The free versions are capable only of sending text/email Panic Button alerts and of defining a Safety Network. To enable the full set of features, an upgrade is required and costs US$9.95 monthly–arguably a small price to pay in exchange for peace of mind and rapid help in times of trouble.

At the heart of the SafeKidzone and SafeTREC safety apps is MobileTREC’s deep respect for the human predisposition to panic in the face of danger–and MobileTREC’s mission not to let people–young and old alike–feel helpless and vulnerable when threats to their own lives or to their loved ones’ lives hang upon their heads like the sword of Damocles.

Learn more about these safety apps from the SafeKidZone website and the SafeTREC website–and wear a shield against that sword of Damocles.

Alvin Ybañez
Android is arguably the most flexible mobile operating system. Period. I'm extremely passionate about helping Android users around world get the most out of their Android devices by writing how-to guides and tutorials.