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XDA brings back the S Voice, working again on non-Galaxy S3 devices

May 23, 2012

On Monday, we reported that a leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM became available for download for all, packed with all the goodness of the smartphone’s great features. Not surprisingly, the full Galaxy S3 ROM came from XDA, everybody’s go-to site for all things amazing.

As soon as the S3 ROM became available online, one of its key features, the S Voice app, became available for download as well, for all Android users who want to try out the proprietary Samsung voice command app. But most of the users who tried out the app said that it failed to work. It became apparent that Samsung’s servers were set to deny requests from the S Voice app running on other devices than the Galaxy S3.

We can’t really blame Sammy for wanting to keep the S Voice exclusive for the Galaxy S3, but for those who were eager to try out the tool, the restrictions were a bit disapointing. Fortunately, the ingenious guys over at XDA-developers released another version of the S Voice app, containing  modified code, which supposedly functions correctly on all Android devices.

The problem with the initial leaked S Voice app was it had a build.prop check causing the unsigned version to fail. The problem seems solved now. The XDA Senior Member ithehappy  “fixed” the app by signing it, fooling the S Voice servers into thinking that the phone is an actual Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now, you can use the doctored S Voice app, which you can download the application right here,  even on non-Samsung devices. Don’t forget to let us know if it worked in the comment section below!