Kogan Agora - R.I.P.

Kogan Agora - R.I.P.

Ruslan Kogan, the man behind the Kogan Agora and Agora Pro Android smartphones, posted on the official Kogan blog about the new smartphone models being pulled.

“I’m disappointed to have to tell you that the Kogan Agora has to be delayed indefinitely.”

Kogan mentions the screen resolution issue, and how the Agora’s QVGA display wouldn’t be up to the task of dealing with future Android applications:

“One of the potential issues is the screen size and resolution. It seems developers will be creating applications that are a higher resolution than the Agora is currently capable of handling.”

“I am sorry for this delay, but in the interest of doing things right by the Kogan brand promise, and you, the customers, I cannot disappoint you by supplying a product that I am aware will shortly have significant limitations.”

The post went up on Friday the 16th of this month, and says that people that pre-ordered one of the Agora models will receive a refund within 7 days – meaning by this coming Friday, the 23rd.