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Want Adobe Flash on your Jelly Bean-running device? Find out how to install it and make it work

July 25, 2012

As expected for quite some time, Google has broken all  ties with Adobe Flash and ceased offering support for the web technology in the latest Android version, Jelly Bean. And while many users are probably doing fine without the multimedia platform, there surely are a few nostalgic ones who would like the chance to install Flash on their new Android 4.1-running gadgets.

Fortunately, a couple of XDA-Developers forum members have already thought about that, so you can now easily and safely install Flash on any gadget with JB. Those who own a 4.1-running device with Android’s native browser app, like the Galaxy Nexus or the Nexus S, will have the easiest time.

If you have a Nexus and would like to get a taste of how Flash works on Jelly Bean, you’ll only have to go to recognized XDA contributor Stempox’ thread here and follow the simple instructions. The same goes for those who are currently using any of the numerous custom ROMs based on JB and have a device running Android’s native Browser (Flash won’t work with the Chrome browser, which doesn’t support plugins).

For Google Nexus 7 adopters, the road to installing Flash is a bit bumpier, due to the fact that the new 7-incher doesn’t come preloaded with Browser. What you’ll have to do in this case is go to senior XDA member Censura_Umbra’s thread here and download Android’s native browser. There are a couple of permissions and folder names you’ll have to change after installing the app, but, overall, you should get everything done pretty quickly, even if you don’t have much experience in installing unofficial APKs.

After installing Browser, which supposedly works like a charm, with no bugs reported until now, your Nexus 7 Tablet will have to be taken through the same “treatment” like any other JB-running device. You’ll have to go to Stempox’ thread as well and follow his six short steps.

Has anyone tried installing Flash with Steampox’s APK and guide? Does it work? Do you recommend other users to go for it as well, or is it as glitchy as one would expect? Let us know in the comments section below.