Recent rumors suggest that Microsoft is looking to take on Google and Apple TV with a set top box of their own known as Xbox TV. Sources close to the company seem to believe that Xbox TV will be competitively priced, and will run on Windows 8.

Much like the Xbox Surface tablet, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny any Xbox TV rumors. If Xbox TV can match the prices of Apple TV, and Google TV devices like Vizio’s Co-Star, then Microsoft will have a good chance of winning the battle for the living room.

Microsoft’s flagship console, the Xbox 360, already offers a wide variety of non gaming uses, such as streaming movies, music, live sports, and web browsing. It’s no secret that many Xbox 360 owners use their consoles as a dedicated Netflix box, and Microsoft could capitalize on this with Xbox TV.

The real question is whether or not consumers will flock to the Windows 8 powered set top box simply because of the Xbox branding. Image has long been a concern of Google TV, a platform that is still struggling to break-out in terms of sales. Apple has had a fair amount of success with its Apple TV largely because of Apple’s successful image, and has yet to heavily market the device.

If these rumors are to be believed, Xbox TV is set to launch late 2013, just in time for the holidays.

Nicholas Moore
Nicholas Moore is a freelance writer obsessed with the Android platform. When not covering the news Nick spends his time studying Information Technology.