Late last week, rumors were rife about Amazon’s plans to enter Android tablet space with two devices–one powered by dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2, the other by quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 (Kal-El). Tech blog Boy Genius Report (BGR) received a tip revealing the processors of the upcoming devices, as well as their respective code names: a 7-inch Tegra-2-powered Coyote, and a 10-inch Tegra-3-powered Hollywood.

Just a couple of days ago, PCMag’s Tim Bajarin received tips about the sizes and prices of both Coyote and Hollywood. According to Bajarin’s sources, Coyote might compete in the 7-inch tablet race at USD349, while Hollywood might be expected to turn heads in the 10-inch tablet race at USD449.

Earlier reports said the two tablets are expected to come out before 2011 ends. Based on the expected launch date of Tegra 3 (said to be this August), it is possible that both or either of Amazon’s two big guns will be launched by September, just in time for opening of classes. Or, perhaps in October, as a Christmas gift for potential buyers to start ogling at or thinking of buying.

No word has been spread around yet regarding when either or both tablets will be made available. But, just in case Coyote launches together with Hollywood, Amazon’s Coyote can howl loudly at HTC Flyer, BlackBerry Playbook, and Samsung Galaxy Tab, causing the latter Android tablets to quiver.

Critics have been divided over Amazon’s real intent for joining in the tablet bandwagon. On the one hand, some critics believe Amazon’s real target is Apple, what with Amazon having the muscle to pin Apple down. Amazon already has its system in place: an integrated ecosystem of books, movies, music, digital content, cloud-based storage, and its very own Android app store.

On the other hand, other critics such as PCMag’s Bajarin believe Amazon has its eye not on Apple, but on other Android gadget makers. According to Bajarin, Amazon simply doesn’t have enough clout yet to compete against Apple’s mind-staggering budget for marketing and its large base of smooth-sailing retail outlets.

Bajarin observes the fragmentation in the Android market, which consequently makes it a steep climb for any single major player to create an integrated ecosystem comparable to Amazon’s or Apple’s.

Without ever being explicit about it, Bajarin seems to refer to a possible “divide and conquer” strategy for Amazon, although, as Bajarin notes, the “dividing” part has already been partly ascertained. So, Amazon only has the “conquering” part left to do.

We’re all looking forward to the day Amazon finally unleashes its Coyote and bedazzle the world with its Hollywood. But, will that day also be the start of the reign of a new leader in the 7-inch and 10-inch tablet market?

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