A little tidbit from Brian Swetland, an employee of Google who works on the Linux kernel, tells us that the iteration of Android beyond Froyo will be called Gingerbread.  Looks like we hit it pretty dead on with our guess back in mid January when trying to come up with clever “G” names that hit the sweet tooth.  The official quote was posted to a forum on LWN.net and is as follows:

We maintain a set of patches on top of Linux, which we periodically rebase to the latest released Linux kernel. We’ve been doing this roughly every other kernel release since about 2.6.14. This week we’re finalizing our move to 2.6.32 for the Android “Froyo” release, and we’ll likely be on .33 or .34 for “Gingerbread”.

Shall we guess what “H” will bring us just to keep the streak alive?  How about Honey, Huckleberry, Halloween or Helado?  Given the fact that Froyo has yet to be released on a device we will have plenty of time to contemplate the new name, until then we’ll put this in the back of our minds for a while, or at least until another smidgen of info gets our senses going again.

[via Android Guys]