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Rumor: Sprint Moto X phone (XT1056) pictured while in testing

A photo of the Sprint Moto X phone (XT1056) has apparently made its way to the web, showing the device in testing. Check out the image in the rest of this post.
June 26, 2013
Motorola X Phone
Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside

A Motorola handset has been reportedly photographed while testing on Sprint’s network and could be the mobile operator’s Moto X phone version.

According to Phone Arena, this is the Motorola XT1056, a device that was spotted at the FCC not to long ago. In addition to this particular model, the FCC has revealed other similar handsets including the XT1055 (U.S. Cellular), the XT1060 (Verizon) and the XT1058 (AT&T). These could all be versions of the Moto X that could hit U.S. stores later this year, from various carriers.

Sprint Moto X
Purported Sprint Moto X | Image credit: PhoneArena

Motorola, via its own CEO, confirmed the Moto X a few weeks ago during a media event, but the company did not show the device to the public. The handset is expected to arrive this summer, according to the company’s own press release, but also according to various unverified rumors.

The image above shows a Motorola handset that looks very much like a smartphone that has been found in Vietnam (see image below), where it was actually handled on camera just before the Galaxy S4 was unveiled in mid-March. At the time we were lead to believe this wasn’t the Moto X phone, but later reports suggested that the unit was a prototype of Motorola’s upcoming flagship handset.

Purported Google X Phone prototype | Image credit: Tinhte

The device in the image that made its way to Phone Arena shows a smartphone that’s clearly marked as “not for sale” and “Motorola confidential property.” However, other details aren’t available at this time, and we have no way of confirming whether this image is genuine.

The Moto X phone, despite being described as an iPhone and Galaxy competitor, is rumored to offer mid-range specs (at least by 2013 standards) including 4.7-inch display with 720p resolution, 1.7GHz processor, 2GB of RAM and16GB of storage. However, we’re more interested in its software features, particularly in that contextual awareness it’s supposed to have.