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Rumor: Samsung Gear Glass in the works, coming in April/May 2014

Samsung is rumored to launch a Google Glass-like product in April/May 2014, reportedly called Gear Glass. Read on for more details!
October 7, 2013
Galaxy Gear

A new rumor says that Samsung may be working on a Google Glass alternative of its own, which could be launched at some point next year.

Dubbed as Gear Glass, this wearable smart glass has an April/May 2014 guesstimated launch date, although there’s nothing official about this alleged product at this time.

The news comes from famous Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, who posted it on Twitter – therefore not many details about this Gear Glass product are offered. We will note that while Murtazin has been the source of similar leaks in the past, not all of his predictions came through, so make sure you take it with the appropriate amount of salt.

From the start, we’re certainly going to notice the strange name chosen for such a product. Assuming it’s real, the Gear Glass isn’t part of the Galaxy family of products and that would be an interesting choice from Samsung.

CNET speculates that Samsung could be working together with Google, which would be one explanation for using “Glass” in the product name. Then again, this is just speculation, so don’t get too excited about it just yet.

That said, it’ll certainly be interesting to see whether Google will expand its Glass project to allow other Android device makers to manufacture Glass versions of their own, or whether Glass will remain a Google-only project.

Meanwhile, Samsung has just launched its first wearable computing device, the Galaxy Gear, which is off to a rocky start. As for Glass, there’s only one Glass out there so far, Google’s. And Google Glass is not a commercial product just yet.

Would you be interested in a Gear Glass product from Samsung?