Less than 24 hours after reporting about a mysteriously confusing Galaxy Young Duos that Samsung is supposedly going to reveal at MWC 2013 in February, we’re at it again with another rumor about an unreleased mid-ranger.

This new device might be called the Galaxy Frame, which is a truly puzzling moniker. We’ve never heard about a Samsung gadget carrying a similar name and we have no idea what the “Frame” might be referring to, but the folks over at SamMobile seem to be pretty convinced the rumor is legit, so we’re going to have to trust their word for now.

The GT-S6810 model number doesn’t tell us much either, with the only released device in the same ballpark being the GT-S6500, aka Galaxy Mini 2. SamMobile notes that the Frame is going to be a mid-end device with similar specs to the Ace and Mini, but that just goes to confuse us some more.


You couldn’t really call the Galaxy Ace, Mini or Mini 2 mid-range devices when they got released, let alone now, when 480 x 320 pix res displays, 800 MHz CPUs, 384 MB of RAM and 3.15 MP cameras are truly pitiful specs.

That said, one of two scenarios is going to happen: either the Galaxy Frame will resemble one of those three phones, but it will take the spec sheet up a couple of notches, or it’ll just be an entry-level budget-friendly device oriented at emerging markets.

The Frame is said to be coming at the MWC for its formal introduction, while the actual release could happen sometime in March. The only other detail “known” at this time is that the phone will see daylight in “Pearl White”, though other color schemes could become available soon after. We’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any additional info on the phone, so keep in touch if you want to find out more.

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