Samsung Galaxy Camera

There’s no doubt Samsung has had a sensational last year from both a creative and financial standpoint, but not every Galaxy member added to the family in 2012 has become a star. And one of the fairly high-profile devices that didn’t get to break through in the mainstream was the Galaxy Camera.

Be honest, do you know a single owner of the G Cam? Probably not. I don’t. And it’s not exactly a puzzle why the gadget didn’t make it. For one thing, it has been and still is too expensive for what it can offer.

And talking about what it can offer, the truth is the Galaxy Camera is not much better at taking photos than most high-end smartphones these days. All while not supporting GSM voice communication.

So is the smart camera niche worth the trouble for Samsung if the first attempt at glory proved a flop? The Koreans definitely seem to think so, if we are to trust a report from the local press. According to unnamed sources, a Galaxy Camera 2 is already in the works, but it will only debut in September during IFA in Berlin.


With close to six months to go until the supposed unveiling, you can imagine we’re a little short on specifics. In fact, we only know the second-gen smart cam will come with 4G LTE speeds and “superior specifications” compared to its predecessor (duh!).

We could also make a couple of assumptions based on the statement of a mystery Samsung executive, according to which the Galaxy Camera “will be one of the most innovative products”, but let’s just focus on the facts for now, shall we?

And one of the facts is Samsung has recently applied for a “Galaxy NX” trademark, which could mean the second G Cam will not be called the Galaxy Camera 2 after all. As for specs and features, we’d rather hear from you on what Sammy could improve to make the upcoming gadget attractive. That is, if you think there’s a little spot under the Android sun for smart cameras. Do you?

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