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Rumor: New Nexus 10 by Samsung coming in the "near future"

Google is reportedly going to unveil a Samsung-made new Nexus 10 later this year. Read on for more details!
July 25, 2013
Nexus 7

A new Samsung-made Nexus 10 tablet is apparently in the works and will be launched in the “near future.”

The news comes from Wall Street Journal reported Amir Efrati, who has talked directly to Google’s Sundar Pichai about such a device.

Efrati did not reveal other details about the upcoming product, which leaves plenty of room for speculation:

Google only unveiled one new Nexus device yesterday, the 2013 Nexus 7 – as expected – and any other Nexus handsets and tablets scheduled for this year should be announced in the coming months. Of course, it makes sense to see more Nexus tablets hit stores this year.

After all, that’s the Nexus launch schedule Google set for 2012: a 7-inch tablet launched after its I/O event half way through the year, and a 10-inch tablet and new smartphone launched in fall. Each product came out with a new version of Android. The 2012 Nexus 7 had Android 4.1 on board, while the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 came with Android 4.2.

It’s logical to assume the same thing will happen this year. The new Nexus 7 will launch running Android 4.3 out of the box, and the new Nexus 10 (and Nexus 5?) could come out with a brand new Android version (Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?) later this year.