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Rumor: Motorola Obake (Google X Phone aka Ghost?) spotted in AnTuTu benchmark

A new AnTuTu benchmark mentions an unreleased Motorola device, the Obake, which could be the code name for the Google X Phone. Read on to find out more details about these recent Motorola benchmarks.
May 6, 2013
X Phone concept
X Phone concept

A new report reveals that a Motorola handset codenamed obake_verizon has been spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks, with speculation suggesting this could be the Ghost aka the Google X Phone.

Obviously, we’ll take all AnTuTu benchmarks with a grain of salt, considering the new devices these tests seem to describe are not official yet. In fact, we’ve seen plenty of AnTuTu benchmarks for unofficial devices, from the X Phone to the Optimus G2 or the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, so we’ll just add this Obake to the collection.

“Obake” means “ghost,” Japanese website Ameblo tells us, and a quick Google Translate check confirms it, although the first translation it returns for “obake” is “monster.”

Now, we haven’t heard anything about a Verizon-bound Motorola Monster, but a Motorola Ghost has been spotted in recent reports, pointing to a device that would be launched by Big Red in the U.S. later this year.


This is where things get more interesting, as Phone Arena indicates that the Ghost is an internal codename for Google X Phone handset. The publication revealed the details in a post detailing that @evleaks set of X Phone images we have shown you in previous days, saying that the image is in fact legit and the name of the device is Ghost:

We’ve seen leaks before, but according to our sources, this one is legit. Pics have been released by EvLeaks, who has a more positive than not reputation for good leaks, showing the Motorola X Phone. Or, we could start referring to the device by its codename: Ghost. Much like the Nexus 4 was mako, and the Nexus 7 was grouper. The Moto X Phone is codenamed Ghost.

Getting back to this “obake_verizon” AnTuTu benchmark, we can easily see that the handset reportedly got a 18218 score. Ameblo further tells us that the handset sports a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and runs Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, without revealing any other details about the handset.

Assuming this is indeed the Google X Phone, we’ll want to look at other similar AnTuTu benchmarks that appeared in the past few weeks, while also pointing out that neither one was confirmed.


A Motorola XT1055 (image above) also packing a 1.7GHz processor and running Android 4.2.2 has obtained a similar score, 18252, while a Google X device (image below) with a 1.5GHz CPU and Android 5.0.1 scored 15479. It’s worth mentioning that since the latter screenshot hit the web, it was revealed that Android 5.0 won’t be Google’s next Android OS update, with Android 4.3 being spotted in server logs and named in different reports as the next Jelly Bean version.


Considering the similarities between this obake_verizon handset and the XT1055, it seems logical to conclude that the X Phone aka Ghost aka Obake could very well be the XT1055. Of course, we can’t confirm any of that just yet.

Now, the obake_verizon could be a future DROID-branded handset heading to Verizon later this year, not at all related to the Google X Phone. Or it could be just a fake AnTuTu benchmark meant to have us fooled.

What’s clear is that Motorola will indeed launch new handsets this year, maybe not as spectacular as that Motorola Nexus+ render we’ve seen before, but definitely worthy of some excitement, at least according to certain Google execs.