LG enV Touch (not Android)

Phandroid have posed a speculative and interesting article regarding the possibility of two new LG manufactured devices coming to Verizon in the near future. In their piece they draw inspiration from the LG enV Touch, which is not an Android phone, but could look somewhat similar to one of the alleged LG devices set to hit Verizon later this year. Unfortunately they do not offer much in the way of validation for their speculation.

It is reported that one of the devices that LG are releasing on Verizon will take a normal touchscreen and keyboard-less form factor, similar to the Droid Eris. However, as mentioned above, the second device may take a form factor akin to the LG enV, but obviously running Android for its OS. I personally have no experience with the LG enV or any device like it so I cannot say whether Android would suit this device. However, so far it would seem as though Android fits almost any hardware it cares to try on (notebooks aside) so I would certainly be interested to see it in action.

[Via Phandroid]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.