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Rumor: LG Optimus G2 versions spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks and at Bluetooth SIG

A new rumor says the LG Optimus G2 has been spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks with a similar device version seen at the Bluetooth SIG. Is it the real deal? Read on to find out more details!
May 2, 2013
LG Optimus G Pro aa 9 600
LG Optimus G Pro

New LG handset versions have been spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks and at the Bluetooth SIG, and are believed to be different LG Optimus G2 models

Naturally, while we trust Bluetooth SIG reports, we always question such AnTuTu benchmark results for unconfirmed devices. Moreover, the LG Optimus G2 is yet to be confirmed by LG, with some reports suggesting the handset will hit stores at some point in the fourth quarter of the year.

However, that’s definitely a reasonable expectation considering the fact that LG is currently on high horses in the mobile business thanks to the LG Optimus G, Nexus 4 and Optimus G Pro, that it confirmed it will launch a flexible handset this year (which could be the industry’s first), that it’s expected to ship 50 million smartphones this year and possibly work on a second-generation Nexus.

With all that hype around LG, it makes a lot of sense to assume that a second-generation Optimus G is in the works, even if neither model spotted in AnTuTu or at the SIG is actually the Optimus G2. After all, you need such new flagships to continue to build up buzz around LG Android handsets.


Looking at benchmarks first, we’re going to tell you that three different smartphones have apparently been spotted, running different Android Jelly Bean versions sporting processors clocked between 1.5GHz and 2GHz, and scoring between 17000 and 21500 in AnTuTu, as follows – strangely, you’ll be surprised to see one of the devices score more than another despite having a lower-clocked CPU and running an “older” Jelly Bean version :

  • LG-F340L: Android 4.2.2, 2GHz processor, 21416 score
  • LG-F320L: Android 4.2.2, 2GHz processor, 17188 score
  • LG-F320K: Android 4.1.2, 1.5GHz processor, 18930 score

A fourth model has been seen at the SIG, the LG-F320S, so as you can see we’re apparently looking at four devices, which could be variations for the same device, or similar devices.

While yet to be confirmed, it’s suggested that the 2GHz processor we see in AnTuTu is actually a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU, which is certainly a plausible candidate for a future LG flagship device.

Let’s look at the current LG Optimus G handset to see whether it provides any clues as the whether any of the handsets mentioned above can qualify as its successor(s).

When checking model numbers, you’ll find the handset as the E970 from AT&T, LS970 from Sprint, E971 and E973 from Canadian carriers, E975 in European markets and India and L-01E in Japan’s NTT DoCoMo. As you can see, LG had various Optimus G models for various markets, so it seems logical that the Optimus G2 would follow the same route. But neither of the models mentioned above have anything in common with the ones spotted in the screenshot above or at the Bluetooth SIG.


However, when looking at the Korean versions of the Optimus G we find three model versions, F180S, F180K and F180L, available from local carriers, SK Telecom KT and LG U+, respectively. That said, it makes some sense to assume that the F320S, F320K and F320L/F340L are actually LG Optimus G2 prototype versions currently in testing for South Korean carriers.

Interestingly, other LG devices have similar model numbers, the Vu (F100S) and Vu 2 (F200) but also the LG Optimus G Pro 2 (F240), although the Optimus G2 looks like the more likely candidate for these F3xxx versions.

On a different note – as we considered this unlikely possibility as well – that “F” in those product number does not indicate we’re looking at an upcoming Optimus F model. The F5 is known as the P875, while the F7 and F9 have model numbers P700 and P760, respectively. But as we said, this is a very unlikely possibility considering that the Optimus F line is a mid-range family of handset that would not pack the latest processor in town and score that high in AnTuTu.

Finally, let’s remember that the Nexus 4, which is an Optimus G version, has model number E960, which is awfully close to some of the model numbers mentioned above for international markets. Would it be reasonable to assume that LG may indeed be working on a Nexus 5 that would offer Optimus G2-like capabilities? After all, their predecessors packed identical hardware when it comes to CPU, GPU and RAM, so could that happen again this year?

We’ll end our speculation here, but we’ll return with more details about these new “F320/F340” phones in the future, provided they’re actually real – well, all of them, not just the F320S from the SIG.