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Rumor: HTC M8 coming in 2014, HTC One refresh later this year, and plastic One to replace Butterfly

New reports apparently reveal some of HTC's plans for the near future including an HTC M8 in 2013, a refreshed HTC One later in 2013, and a plastic HTC One replacing the Butterfly.
July 11, 2013

A new batch of HTC One-related rumors supposedly reveal some of the company’s plans for the following months and next year, with a variety of One models being reportedly in the works.

Let’s take a look at them chronologically, at least according to what Pocket-lint has learned from sources familiar with HTC’s plans.

Refreshed HTC One in 2013

Apparently HTC may be considering launching a refreshed HTC One model later this year, a device that could pack different internal components when compared with the current model.

One likely change is the move to a Snapdragon 800 processor instead of the Snapdragon 600 that’s currently powering the HTC One, but nothing is confirmed at this time.

Since we’re already approaching mid-July, it’ll be interesting to see when such a model will be launched, if the rumor is accurate.

If this sounds all too familiar, that’s because HTC did the same thing last year, with a HTC One X+ (October 2012) being released a few months after the HTC One X (April 2012).

Let’s also not forget that HTC has a One Max reportedly in the works (also known as T6) which should take on the already launched Sony Xperia Z Ultra and the upcoming Galaxy Note 3 models. And of course, there’s also the One Mini coming to take on all the other minis from the competition.

HTC Butterfly and HTC One X+
HTC Droid DNA or Verizon’s Butterfly (left) and the HTC One X+ (right)

HTC Butterfly to become the One

While a new Butterfly model is already official, it looks like HTC may be interested in merging its two flagship families, in order to create a more powerful Android line.

After getting into the One family, future Butterfly models may be sold as plastic HTC Ones. Nothing is official at this point though, so don’t get too excited about cheaper future HTC One flagship handsets.

HTC M8 coming in 2014

Speaking about flagships, the HTC M8 is going to be the HTC One successor according to the same sources.

Since M7 was the internal codename for the HTC One, it makes sense to hear about an M8 for next year. Apparently the company is already “in discussions regarding the HTC M8, although it is using different codenames for the device with external contacts,” most likely in order to keep leaks down.

While M8 does make sense as an internal product name, it will certainly be interesting to see what the commercial name of the product will be. The HTC One 2 sounds way too crazy, and HTC One S is already a distinct product. It would make a lot of sense to see the company keep a generic HTC One name in place – like Apple is doing with its iPad models – rather than use any numbers.

As for numbers, naming its flagship family the One may not have been the best decisions the company took, even though the name is a clever choice at the same time.

What matters here is that HTC seems to be working hard to have a strong handset family, capable of taking on the Galaxy brand, and everyone else in the process. We’ll just have to wait and see whether any of these new rumors will be confirmed.