Anonymous Twitter user @Football4PDA, who has proven to be a reliable source of information in the past, is reporting that HTC is going to launch an Android 4.1.2 device called the “DLX”. Said phone will allegedly have a 5 inch 1080p display, it’ll make use of Qualcomm’s ultra powerful quad core Snapdragon S4 chip, and it’ll have a 12 megapixel rear facing camera. Judging by that spec sheet, this thing is going to be the company’s new flagship device, which is a bit odd considering that the recently announced HTC One X+ hasn’t even started shipping.

Let’s break this rumor down. First, the display. Earlier this year, LG announced a 5 inch 1080p LCD. Earlier this month, Sharp announced that they’ve begun mass producing 5 inch 1080p panels. Sharp even showed their display off at the 2012 CEATEC trade show. So we know that the screen is out there. Second, the processor. LG’s Optimus G uses the same quad core Snapdragon S4, and the company says that device will start shipping next month. That means we know the chip is in circulation. And finally, the camera. All of today’s Android flagships have 8 megapixel sensors, and the Optimus G will have a 13 megapixel sensor depending on where you buy it, so 12 megapixels isn’t all that outlandish.

To make this rumor even more credible, Unwired View found evidence suggesting that the DLX has already been approved by the Global Certification Forum. The bands that the DLX supports seem to indicate that it’s going to run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. That too makes a lot of sense since we heard a over than two months ago suggesting Verizon would be carrying a 1080p HTC “phablet”.

What questions remain unanswered? When will this thing be announced, when will it ship, how much will it cost, and does HTC have plans to make a Nexus version for all the Sense haters out there?