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Rumor: Google X Phone release date delayed to ‘August or later’

A new report says that the Motorola-made Google X Phone will be launched in "August or later" instead of the previously rumored late-June to July timeframe.
April 11, 2013
Motorola X Phone

A new Google X Phone report says that the handset won’t be released in “late June or July,” as previously rumored, but in “August or later.”

According to Phone Arena’s sources, the handset is still in prototype phase but there’s “no word on why the release date has been pushed back.”

The same source says the phone will pack a 4.7-inch display with 1080p resolution and a thin bezel. The prototype reportedly lacks a microSD card slot and runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, although it’s “not pure stock.” An image of the handset is not available at this time, but the phone could look like the device that was featured in an earlier X Phone blurry render, not that the image provides clear details about the handset’s design (see below).


Since we are apparently talking about prototypes, we’ll remind you that a Motorola handset that was spotted in Vietnam a few days before the Galaxy S4 was officially unveiled was later said to be an early prototype of the X Phone. That handset (see following image) has not been announced by Motorola yet.

Purported Google X Phone prototype | Image credit: Tinhte

The publication says that Google may not be happy with the smartphone yet, as the X Phone is apparently “on of the last” devices in Motorola’s pipeline that Google was not impressed with to begin with. Other recent unconfirmed reports claimed that Motorola has at least three new smartphones in the works, and could be even working on a Nexus model of its own.

The unconfirmed X Phone has been making the rounds of the Internet for quite a while now, but we’re yet to see Google make this Motorola handset official. When it comes to such reports, we’ll remind you to take these  X Phone details with a grain of salt, because not all the rumors point in the same direction. For example, just recently a variety of sources suggested the handset will come with customizable hardware, while others said that won’t be the case.

That said, the device was rumored to be unveiled at Google I/O in mid-May, and we’re certainly curious to see whether Google will announce the phone next month regardless whether these launch delays are real or not.