Google is reportedly going to unveil the new Gmail user interface on Wednesday, with the new UI expected to include some of the features seen in previous reports.

Earlier this week we found out that potential Gmail UI changes were revealed at Google I/O and then we saw a bunch of screenshots allegedly depicting the new desktop user interface for Gmail and the matching app menu.

 New Gmail UI

According to Android Police, the redesigned Gmail will be unveiled on Wednesday by Google via its Gmail blog.

The images are pretty much in line with those published by The Next Web the other day, but they are of better quality. That report revealed that the new desktop Gmail version would include various tabs that would automatically sort incoming email according to certain parameters, and display incoming messages in their appropriate tab. There are several categories listed so far including Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. The Android and iOS Gmail apps would show a new menu that would help users find their emails listed in the same categories as in the desktop version.

New Gmail UI

The publication also reminds us that this new Gmail desktop feature is similar to the “SmartLabels” feature that’s currently available in Labs, speculating that Google may be graduating it from Labs.

Interestingly, Android Police also took a rather critical look at one Gmail mobile app screenshot that will reportedly be part of the Gmail update announcement finding several mistakes and inconsistencies (check out the image below).


Giving further credence to this rumored Gmail update is Ryan Socio. The guy who revealed ahead of the Google I/O event that the unified messaging app dubbed as Babel was in fact called Hangouts – and Hangouts was indeed unveiled at Google I/O –  is now saying that the new Gmail UI changes are coming. Here’s what he said in a new post on The Verge‘s forums:

So, the tabbed interface that was reported by the Verge a couple of days back is definitely happening.

There will be five categories of tabs,

1. Primary

2. Social

3. Promotions

4. Updates

5. Forums

Google does the sorting on its own and this will also be part of the new Gmail app, swipe from the left will give you access to the categories.

I remember someone asked if the swipe to archive would still work on the app, I can confirm that it still works.

Come Wednesday, we’ll see whether these Gmail reports detailing new UI changes were accurate or not. But we’ll have to add that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard Gmail is getting new features. Since before I/O we were told that Google’s email will be updated, but the company did not unveil the new features at its developer event.

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