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Rumor: Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue color to be replaced by Metallic Blue?

June 4, 2012
samsung galaxy s3 metallic blue version

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in the UK last week, and that’s when we found out that one version of the handset, the Pebble Blue model, will be delayed by 2-3 weeks. Supposedly, Samsung had trouble meeting “the highest internal quality standards” when it comes to painting Galaxy S3 cases in that “newly invented blue color and special hyperglaze material.”

Now we hear that the Pebble Blue color may be scraped in favor of a new hue that’s apparently called Metallic Blue. A new YouTube video (embedded below) shows us how the Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue model looks and feel like. And we can safely say it’s nothing like the press photos of the Pebble Blue model.

In case you’re comfortable with German, you’ll understand from the video that the Pebble Blue effect can be somehow witnessed when holding the handset in a certain way so light falls directly on it. Otherwise, the device appears to have a rather metallic grey finish. The video mentions a recent rumor that said Samsung decided to destroy 600,000 Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue cases that were not meeting standards, but does not claim the handset’s new color is Metallic Blue.

Although there’s no confirmation from Samsung or its carrier partners on the color change at this time, word on the street is that the Pebble Blue version could be sold/rebranded as Metallic Blue. Webhallen, a Swedish online store, has a “Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S III (3) – Metallic Blue” handset available for sale, although the images used in the listing show the Pebble Blue version of the handset.

Do you like the grayish Metallic Blue more than the Pebble Blue, or the other way around?