Chock this one up for the ole’ rumor column, but word out of Engadget is that the render you see to the right is called the Motorola Shadow, and it is the successor to the widely popular Droid.  What is more interesting however, is that this will actually be donned with the Nexus Two title.

Google was recently heard saying that there would be other Nexus phones, and that an enterprise version would include a keyboard.  So while it makes some sense that the Motorola Shadow could be this Nexus Two, it also seems very far fetched.  Would Motorola really give up control of a high end device to Google when there has been a lack of marketing for the slow to sell Nexus One?  Or could Google be changing its business model and expand purchasing options for future Nexus phones?  The Droid has done phenomenally well with Verizon backing it and one would think this sleek looking render would follow up nicely (I’d snatch this up in a heartbeat).

Reviewing the design we can see a much better looking keyboard with larger keys and a more integrated directional pad.  The device looks to be thinner than the Droid, but is sporting an oddly protruding lanyard loop that I hope will not make it into the final design.  Let’s hope multi-touch is integrated as Motorola has recently spoken out about including it in many of their future devices.

Again, this is purely speculation and rumor at this point and the rendering seen could be fan made, but it is always fun to speculate.  Hit the jump for a larger pic and close up of the lanyard loop.

[via Engadget]

Motorola Shadow

Lanyard Loop for Motorola Shadow