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Ever since Amazon first entered the Android tablet space with the Kindle Fire back in 2011, there has been rumors floating around about the company working on a smartphone as well. Two years later and we’re still waiting for the alleged device that was “guaranteed” to be released in July last year. The speculation has been all over the place, ranging from a “confirmed” order received by Foxconn for 5 million Amazon smartphones, to just Amazon buying more office space being indicative of the company working on a phone.

While the launch of a smartphone by Amazon can be good, especially it manages to stick to its pricing policies it applied for the Kindle Fire, the eventual availability of the device is still unconfirmed, but that hasn’t slowed the rumors down any. A Digitimes report three weeks back suggested that the initial Q2 2013 release of the smartphone will be pushed back, according to sources. Now, another report by Digitimes says that according to industry supply chain sources, the Amazon smartphone (Kindle phone?) will feature a 4.7-inch display.

The sources added that the company was initially considering a 4.3-inch display, but reconsidered after witnessing increasing consumer demand for larger displays. Amazon may also be upgrading other specifications of the device to keep up with the current crop of smartphones. The source also added that this could lead to an even further delay than the previously mentioned release date, since production hasn’t progressed as smoothly as expected.

Remember, this is the alleged display size of an alleged smartphone that will allegedly release by the end of the year. Pass the salt please? All we know at this point is if Amazon does release a smartphone, it will feature the company’s highly-customized Android-based OS.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited about the possibility of an Amazon smartphone? Do you think the rumored display size is the way to go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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