Rovio HD

As a tech news writer, you don’t usually get a lot of work done during weekends. There’s very rarely something important happening on a Saturday or Sunday, and when you’re just over a week away from Christmas, it’s a double whammy – there’s no news to report.

Usually, because for some reason today is an entirely different thing. Which forces me to work my backside off when I should be partying… or whatever. Oh, well, there are at least some perks to go with that. Like I’m one of the first to find out about Rovio’s special limited time sale.

You know Rovio, the brilliant guys behind the Angry Birds franchise. Well, they’ve figured they can bring Santa Claus earlier this year to fill your stockings with vindictive birds and naughty piggies. All HD versions of the Angry Birds games are available for special prices this weekend, as well as Amazing Alex HD, the first and only Rovio title so far outside the franchise.

You can get Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Star Wars HD, Angry Birds Seasons HD, Space HD, Rio HD and Amazing Alex HD for just 99 cents each, while the high-def Bad Piggies is up for grabs completely free. Now that’s one good reason to work weekends.